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Need synonyms for construction ? Here's a list of similar words from our thesaurus that you can use instead. Contexts ▼ ▲ The action of building something, typically a large structure A building or other structure An interpretation or explanation The arrangement of words according to syntactical rules A particular edition or translation of a book or other work The combined use of sound, video, and text to present an idea The act of turning material to use An object, tool, equipment or machine, typically made or adapted for a particular purpose An outline or image universally applicable to a general conception Construction sector A part of a literary work forming one row of written or printed words The combination of components or elements to form a connected whole Houses and flats considered collectively A perception or judgment of a situation … more ▼ ▲ Noun ▲ The action of building something, typically a large structure building assembly creation development erection fabrication making composition establishment manufacture origination production raising structure contriving erecting fabricating fashioning formation arrangement casting constitution invention architecture conception elevation figuration format forming foundation putting up setting up formulation design inception manufacturing institution devising initiation putting together inauguration concoction organization US forging organisation UK shaping planning contrivance modelling UK generation engineering founding produce modeling US preparation innovation start introduction installation fitting together assembling genesis product joining connection laying down producing discovery coinage starting mass-production induction piecing together getting going composing preparing structuring moulding UK administration organizing US occasioning causation molding US finding coordination direction designing engendering mass production pioneering imagination connecting brainchild coupling compilation provision constructing junction planting attachment joint launch hatching jointure join juncture organising UK nascency set-up drawing up linking thinking up labor US handiwork realization US output labour UK realisation UK build setting-up architectonics assemblage completion doing tooling finishing accomplishment construct industry groundwork incorporation preparations spawning causing nativity framing writing interpretation rendering prefabrication triggering kindling prompting inspiration emergence appearance conglomeration processing making up instigation scheduling yielding original idea complex drafting reproduction bearing building design incipience nascence incipiency building up welding collection adjustment wrinkle widening thickening unravelling UK turning out working out creating launching site institute originating editing arranging concocting unraveling US outcomes by-products things results offshoots opus establishing enactment instituting initiating breakthrough management running find endowment flotation settlement novelty gestation evolution incubation fancying authoring performing constituting advance bringing about masterminding baby leap headway housing houses habitation thinking-up putting in order making ready getting ready operation handling control regulation advancement device discovering conclusion release supervision governance logistics step forward lucky strike leap forward quantum leap superintendence methodology fastening curation union combination link merging combining merger unification consolidation tie port portal mapping conjunction fixture conjointment seam network partnerhip upshot commodity result thing offshoot issue yield outcome fruit by-product more ❯ “The construction of a small, private golf course in Barber's backyard in 1917 would become the phenomenon known as mini-golf today.” Noun ▲ A building or other structure assembly framework pile structure building complex edifice erection form figure shape build cast fabric skyscraper superstructure monument frame elevation monolith development towers pyramid architecture house cage rockpile establishment pile of bricks ziggurat “His tomb is a stone construction with very complex carvings.” Noun ▲ An interpretation or explanation interpretation explanation explication meaning reading construal inference understanding definition impression rendition analysis apprehension clarification elucidation exposition take translation view comprehension exegesis illumination illustration rendering sense spin version exposé description account delineation road map commentary narration report depiction expounding simplification characterization story detail brief portrayal narrative annotation slant treatment presentation demonstration details gloss representation elaboration enlightenment breakdown perspective viewpoint information summary assessment statement resolution tale comment appraisal history determination expression portrait conception evaluation construing perception estimation relation summarization outline side recountal recital rundown grasp reasoning assimilation study appreciation specification discussion solution example note blow by blow answer showing telling deciphering decoding vignette decipherment examination inspection imagination exploration presentment revelation performance setting out teaching display arrangement evidence delivery talking writing unravelment rewording execution rephrasing amplification vivification explaining paraphrase variation chronicle why and wherefore mansplaining womansplanation womansplaining mansplanation restating record clearing up recounting critique restatement take on treatise disquisition dissertation article thesis essay paper translating chronicling chronology detailing criticism discourse news relating describing lowdown adaptation denotation terminology designation run-down signification play by play composition editorial enucleation enunciation piece tractate review text theme monograph tract classification conversion paraphrasing rephrase recasting crib demarcation delimitation outlining formalization US position paper connotation settling semantics statement of meaning formalisation UK fixing diagnosis outline of meaning exemplification portraiture writeup analogy point of view piece of writing memoir column editorial column book opinion leader manuscript write-up feature work item exclusive scoop post sitrep sketch opus judgement UK judgment US pamphlet observation crit rating speech talk script argument fiction recitation research section argumentation log uncovering paragraph biography prose rehearsal annal exercise compte rendu think piece literary work inside story press report news story procès-verbal disputation footnote address assignment survey leaflet gist notation lecture overview acclamation notice tribute booklet brochure module segment scholium marginalia reference expansion debate monologue UK praise recognition unraveling US unravelling UK summing-up unfolding number spread recount solving profile contention assertion publication exposure latest blurb monolog US communiqué storytelling yarn make cameo symbolism semiology semiotics institutes task picture splash beat plot texts potted biography story line sequence of events the picture proceedings transactions the whole picture clue monography finding burden publicity story voice-over significs exegetics symbiology glossology overall picture transcripts minutes publishing proclamation critical analysis play-by-play upshot body literature abstract précis claim published writing insight nonfiction reviewal case relevant work examen transcript opinions style pronouncements observations journal bulletin anatomization written wisdom novel register knowledge tongue diary writing style proceeding vlog blog archive weblog minute poem epic adventure autobiography moblog transaction awareness intelligence play novelette novella drama bestseller facts intuition discernment divination poetry epiphany truth guidance edification proof clues data erudition work of fiction best-seller fictional account romance piece of fiction verse short story thought info education light specifics more ❯ “In favor of such a construction might be the view that the amendment is purely definitional.” Noun ▲ The arrangement of words according to syntactical rules composition structure organisation UK organization US formation form configuration design framework arrangement shape constitution layout make-up format pattern frame plan makeup architecture anatomy set-up fabric build figure scheme system style cadre conformation framing order constellation edifice shell infrastructure skeleton armature ordonnance fashion getup cut mould UK mold US content look outline symmetry model cast body lines make components constituents parts contents appearance profile disposition contours harmony mode physique chassis silhouette contour foundation dimensions geometry type alignment setup interrelation of parts proportion balance proportions orderliness planning fit tailoring presentation line size brand stamp prototype kind paradigm archetype building style setout delineation manner placement morphology fabrication texture interrelation network montage schema basis description ordering assembly phenotype spread charter context groundwork nature formula agenda background shadow character habit circumscription simulacrum casing mechanisms photomontage bare bones scaffolding substructure bodywork support frame of reference grouping scaffold method collage building stage hulk truss superstructure formulation classification methodization chemistry codification systematization US categorization methodology exterior found art abstract composition forming arranging systematisation UK standardisation UK making standardization US unity outward appearance essentials outward form articulation characteristics whole neatness situation standard organism regularity purpose systemization sequence array management uniformity regulation logistics disposal distribution line-up setting geography adjustment procedure lay collation tidiness routine propriety succession positioning control draft US series ordination dressing gathering marshalling UK mustering direction sketch sort marshaling US diagram chart draught UK blueprint progression variety repetition lining up procession aligning chain assortment lineup physical arrangement universe of discourse reference system reference frame coordinate system belief system tessellation display establishment setting up computation operation apparatus circumstance interconnection web nexus way things work interconnected structure interconnected system preparations provision administration coordination scheduling preparation organizing US preparing plans outlining designing drafting structuring prearrangement devising organising UK working out more ❯ “That tells us that the construction is an interrogative complement clause in each case.” Noun ▲ A particular edition or translation of a book or other work translation version interpretation copy edition adaptation form rendition reproduction transcription variant variation installment US instalment UK issue release revision volume publication reading transliteration impression imprint printing reprint print imprinting number update reworking rewrite print run arrangement specimen sample model example corrected version draft US recension redaction launch draught UK mark program US reissue programme UK reprinting Noun ▲ The combined use of sound, video, and text to present an idea multimedia assemblage audiovisual aid collage combination hypermedia installation interactive program montage program US programme UK software interactive media intermedia mixed media Noun ▲ The act of turning material to use engineering manufacturing arranging authorising UK authorizing US building constructing handling implementing organisation UK organization US organising UK organizing US systematisation UK systematization US systematising UK systematizing US Noun ▲ An object, tool, equipment or machine, typically made or adapted for a particular purpose device tool gadget implement appliance contraption apparatus instrument contrivance machine gizmo utensil mechanism equipment widget gimmick doohickey gear thingamabob tackle accessory whatchamacallit whatsit invention material article medium outfit amenity agent aid waldo whatnot convenience creation makeshift resource rigging piece of equipment mod con piece of apparatus piece of hardware Rube Goldberg invention structure system machinery components engine hardware mechanics gadgetry rig kit gears setup motor materials cogs black box moving parts means doodad vehicle agency thingamajig gubbins channel doodah doobry jigger paraphernalia ministry instrumentality method dingus gismo thingo doojigger organ unit thing stuff object thingummy avenue labour-saving device arrangement item piece artifact US commodity artefact UK thingy set-up trinket something component matter element knickknack doo-dah whatdoyoucallit thingummyjig thingumabob thingumajig nicknack what's-its-name what-d'you-call-it what's-it organization US things workings platform institution bitzer outlet plant force venue soapbox gimcrack whatsis generator transformer turbine catalyst Heath Robinson device piston factor Rube Goldberg device wherewithal framework way approach cylinder mechanisms procedure forum novelty power train electric motor organisation UK internal combustion engine means of expression what's under the hood nitty-gritty minutia bit accompaniment oojamaflip thingamajigger oojah jiggambob curio harness fixtures fittings body fitment ware bits scheme dynamo weapon form drive iron clockwork complex movement mode voice sucker gaud bauble gewgaw geegaw intermediate fandango measure power source administration fixture tools implements accoutrements UK route network means of communication mode of expression installation utensils course technique materiel accouterments US expedient intermediary vector conduit mouthpiece supplies operation channels furnishings accoutrement hierarchy bureaucracy provisions accouterment habiliments petrol engine diesel engine gasoline engine dingbat dynamic ways and means chain of command ropes procedures technicalities logistics process product auspices module substance member entity part fragment ins and outs nuts and bolts service cause piece of merchandise dojigger more ❯ Noun ▲ An outline or image universally applicable to a general conception schema drawing blueprint outline map plan layout representation chart draught UK draft US picture design scheme delineation project diagram graphic schematic depiction idea perspective model form architecture arrangement comp composition conception constitution doodle dummy formation makeup method pattern strategy study tracery tracing treatment schemat paste-up game plan illustration sketch scale drawing floor plan ground plan view architectural plan rough draft road map plot artist's impression prototype proposal figure program US programme UK graph plate visual table organization US cutaway infographic game description plat technical drawing meaning prospectus device platform projection line drawing exploded view schematic representation big picture time line organisation UK system master plan procedure approach plan of action setup tactic stratagem policy practice methodology course of action line of action process way style maneuver US manoeuvre UK move tactics recipe ploy machination ruse technique contrivance routine angle course proposition line artifice operation painting likeness wile enterprise portrait action structure means trick modus operandi venture manner measure agenda portrayal set-up tack formula image mode make-up artwork order suggestion dodge rendering shape initiative subterfuge gambit scam mechanism manoeuvring UK wheeze cartoon regimen racket maneuvering US art drill portraiture step anatomy framework planning configuration work of art secret plan red tape build grand design line of attack MO offer interface expedient activity specification guide undertaking proffer rough submission tender overture motion recommendation impression brainchild measures intrigue creation shift steps presentation shenanigan machinations conspiracy solution bid pitch fetch gimmick rules fashion path protocol application reproduction series sequence mural proceeding route conduct collage exercise manifesto terms figurine channels transaction icon statuette print big idea set of tactics brain child graphic design series of measures stages shenanigans argument orderliness schedule play theory scenario avenue option struggle cabal proposed action story advance entry template choice cyanotype vein instrumentation innovation coinage concoction invention wrinkle emblem direction praxis possibility behaviour UK alternative subversion sleight juggle wangle jig touch purpose lurk behavior US instructions montage flimflam knack fix covin preliminary design plan of attack how-to mind-set point of view practise guidelines parameters spec fabrication twist switch slant mode of conduct method of working mode of behaviour best practice skeleton rough sketch etching conditions details provisions requirements constellation logic secret scheme graphics storyboard booby trap stencil stipulations mock-up rough copy preliminary sketch regularity discipline sleight of hand commercial art cutout mold US photomontage custom atlas cartogram classification precision agendum series of steps performance mould UK record globe street guide A to Z mapping elevation topographical depiction campaign job oeuvre standard operating procedure the numbers the book SOP nuts and bolts stunt ikon sculpture sham con fastie components constituents occupation API photogravure photo photograph visual aid halftone tailpiece vignette frontispiece duotone content deal business exploit baby feat pet aim matter adventure concern intention work cover art affair embodiment exemplification parts found art abstract composition contents body demonstration cunning plan thing crafty designs bust symbol resemblance effigy request how canvas impersonation profile simulacrum statue sign personification façade duplicate facade copy imitation adumbration methods feeler oil organizing system canvass oil painting watercolour UK cityscape oils watercolor US watercolours UK acrylics watercolors US seascape landscape art work abstract design still life water color fine art formatting typography typesetting more ❯ Noun ▲ Construction sector construction industry construction sector building industry Noun ▲ A part of a literary work forming one row of written or printed words line passage excerpt extract phrase verse citation fragment piece quotation quote section sentence snippet stanza utterance bar clause clip clipping lyric part portion prosodic unit sound bite group of words saying paragraph reading selection cite expression wording idiom phrasing phraseology reference text terminology parlance verbiage wordage bit canto verbalism remark axiom catchphrase slogan locution chapter segment article diction episode turn of phrase lesson pericope cutting source scene paraphrase mention allusion notation note example quoting gobbet language usage vocabulary lingo style idiolect command of language rhetoric gift of gab eloquence projection choice of words maxim adage motto dictum byword watchword term tag shibboleth catchword witticism comment way of speaking idiomatic expression set phrase catch phrase word group phrasal verb phrasal idiom figure of speech sentence construction platitude proverb aphorism saw formula word epithet moment trailer epigraph epigram speech announcement blurb observation declaration statement one-liner response truism old chestnut authority piece of documentation newsbreak fifteen minutes of fame news item outtake spot news photo opportunity buzzword stock phrase banner tagline catchline cry mantra jingle tag line signature phrase more ❯ Noun ▲ The combination of components or elements to form a connected whole synthesis mixture combination blend fusion amalgamation compound amalgam composite mix alloy meld union admixture intermixture emulsion conflation cocktail unification integration concoction coalescence merging conglomeration uniting combining conglomerate whole welding marrying interweaving reconciliation weaving creation entirety forming making manufacture organism organisation UK organization US production structure unit mash-up commixture merger mingling composition marriage incorporation consolidation coalition commingling aggregate combo brew weave hybrid medley conjunction mixing blending alliance joining amalgamating collage stew soup assimilation melding cross mishmash immixture fusing homogenization US federation mélange homogenisation UK patchwork pastiche interfusion complex intermingling compost confederation junction adulteration compounding olio agglutination miscellany hybridization coadunation concatenation goulash melange pasteup reduction hotchpotch cream jumble pooling meshing harmony balance assortment grouping association binding bonding arrangement recipe mash homogenizing US coalescing smelting liquefaction interflow addition homogenising UK agglomeration aggregation agglomerate soldering mutant liquification heating everything but kitchen sink inclusion absorption unifying fraternization US unionization US unionisation UK adding fraternisation UK connection linking connecting coupling meeting confluence conciliation correlation symbiosis congregation juncture abutment centralization US joint centralisation UK seam tie-in joining together coming together more ❯ Noun ▲ Houses and flats considered collectively housing accommodation homes houses buildings domiciles dwellings abodes habitations accommodations board digs dwelling habitation home house living quarters lodgment UK lodgement US lodging quarter quarterage residence roof shelter sheltering dwelling places places of residence stopping place quarters rooms place abode lodgings pad billet domicile apartment chambers hearth dwelling place room flat lodge diggings crib hearthstone fireside place of residence barracks cantonment dorm roost establishment habitat space condo seat motel hotel place to stay harbour UK harbor US camp pied-à-terre rooming house crash pad room and board commorancy den residency boarding house lodging place bar rod casern post station hut canton property apartments cabin cottage suite fraternity ranch sorority tent tenement building guest house structure premises household cover resort protection hostel palace port inn a roof over your head bachelor apartment territory real estate place of abode private residence private house gaff address shack trailer castle condominium manor estate title dump mansion realty bed and breakfast bed and board locality range haunt turf settlement nest nook site homestead cave haven hole quartering harbouring UK boardinghouse harboring US architecture stamping ground stomping ground home ground co-op joint location hideout headquarters hole in the wall sanctuary lair whereabouts burrow coop bedsit layout hangout setup place of habitation shanty villa rack home plate hall inglenook fireplace hive chimney corner family life home sweet home legal residence roof over head dwelling house farm dormitory extended family orphanage hospital refuge biosphere environment edifice natural home parking place situation whare element domain realm kennel lean-to cubbyhole flophouse pigpen bullpen pigsty box spot position point where the hat is fount source cradle fountainhead venue locale locus base casa flop neighbourhood UK natural environment neighborhood US natural habitat street number direction warren tunnel ZIP code place of business box number natural territory place of origin sett retreat hideaway earth hiding place hidey-hole more ❯ Noun ▲ A perception or judgment of a situation understanding belief impression interpretation perception consideration estimation inkling judgement UK judgment US knowledge opinion sense view notion recognition conclusion idea persuasion position presumption theory viewpoint analysis assessment assimilation expectation grip hypothesis identification intuition personal feeling prediction presupposition principle recollection thinking assumption concept conception conjecture conviction deduction discernment guess ideology observation point of view postulation supposition suspicion trust hunch insight acceptation acuity calculation estimate faith feel feeling forecast intellection prognosis projection slant surmise surmising thought way of thinking funny feeling indulgence signification sneaking suspicion apprehension comprehension awareness grasp appreciation picture reading take cognizance perspective image attitude standpoint consciousness reasoning sentiment philosophy realization US construal inference angle apprehending cogitation contemplation stance attention mind version realisation UK outlook conceptualization US explanation evaluation mindset approach deliberation reflection conceit abstraction conceptualisation UK cognition determination realizing US stand musing acknowledgement UK vision account acknowledgment US thesis apperception thoughts realising UK speculation translation elucidation meditation study percipience notice model fancy verdict posture regard clarification acceptance representation rumination admission excogitation ideas definition light clue introspection aspect characterization logic meaning cerebration context appraisal rationalization US avowal reason frame of mind plan beliefs acumen mind's eye eye rationalisation UK hold concession frame of reference twist treatment construing perceiving recognizance US ken premise granting allowance considering conceding confession exposition rendition generality generalization US ideation explication stereotype illustration inspiration intimation finding dream scope rendering design presentiment recognisance UK overview worldview concluding inferring spin illumination bias variation framework imagining cogitating envisaging side generalisation UK way of looking accepted wisdom profession leaning vantage point examination proposition prospect argument weltanschauung construct drift assent standing paradigm inclination contention rationale value judgment visualization US visualisation UK belief system pondering intention two cents' worth acquaintance perceptivity perceptiveness notions connotation line of thinking inspection imagination reckoning horizon reach sight range rationality preconception vagary caprice enlightenment resolution look glimpse learning depiction intelligence conclusions theorem manner way observance riff postulate facet portrayal purview point exegesis ponderings fantasy illusion intellect divination axiom pattern ability to understand views opinions viewpoints predisposition fashion note portrait tenor trend scheme exposé brainchild wrinkle judgment call say-so ability to imagine clue about hand call setting proposal big idea brain wave fool notion need anticipation hope deriving inducing theorization scrutiny heed judging knowing seeing tendency line underpinnings portraiture presentation line of thought points of view stab guesswork supposal provision direction situation orientation conscious thought induction consequence sequitur eduction range of view hue guise complexion appearance mental picture mental image aspiration idée fixe concern objective thing worry motivation contrivance intent set of beliefs view of the world commentary outline simplification comment findings corollary results ratiocination deducing rationalizing US brainwork discerning result answer mulling illation derivation decryption decoding school of thought decipherment sensation faintest experience disposition identifying sensibility differentiation establishing detection acknowledging distinguishing noticing taste predilection proclivity rationalising UK pensiveness think indication hint two cents worth broad view discovery verifying shoes where one is at eye view say so period of deliberation period of contemplation period of reflection spell of deliberation spell of contemplation spell of reflection corroboration foggiest philosophizing US fancying meditating affirmation concurrence confirmation assertion accession ratification declaration admitting acquiescence asservation allowing compliance philosophising UK mental grasp rejoinder yielding foggiest idea faintest idea faintest notion foggiest notion vague idea approval of acquiescence in self-confession respect for agreement with concurrence with cooperation with more ❯ Find more words! 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Sentences with the word construction Words that rhyme with construction What is the plural of construction ? What is the adverb for construction ? What is the adjective for construction ? What is the noun for construction ? Translations for construction Use our Synonym Finder Nearby Words constructional constructionally construction cone construction engineering construction hat construction helmet constructing on constructing defences constructing constructible constructibility constructed on 12-letter Words Starting With c co con cons const constr constru construc construct constructi constructio Find Synonyms construction go Word Tools Finders & Helpers Other Languages More Synonyms Synonyms Antonyms Rhymes Sentences Nouns Verbs Adjectives Adverbs Plural Singular Past Tense Present Tense Word Unscrambler Words With Friends Scrabble Crossword / Codeword Français Español Italiano Deutsch Home iOS / Android App About Us Contact Us Terms of Use Privacy Statement Don't Sell Personal Data A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Antonyms A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Copyright WordHippo © 2022

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