What does the word a b means?

Definition of AB

Definition of ab

(Entry 1 of 6)

:an abdominal muscle —usually used in plural

Definition of ab (Entry 2 of 6)

Definition of Ab (Entry 3 of 6)

:the 11th month of the civil year or the 5th month of the ecclesiastical year in the Jewish calendar — see Months of the Principal Calendars Table

Definition of AB (Entry 4 of 6)

:the one of the four ABO blood groups characterized by the presence of antigens designated by the letters A and B and by the absence of antibodies against these antigens

Definition of AB (Entry 5 of 6)

artium baccalaureus] bachelor of arts

Definition of ab- (Entry 6 of 6)





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Source: Merriam-Webster Dictionary

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