Why does Google say HTML is a programming language?

Is Html a Programming Language? [Explained]

HTML or hypertext transfer language is the most essential thing to create websites and web applications. It is used to specify the structure of any kind of webpage it’s normally used in combination with CSS and JavaScript to create websites. Many HTML users or programmers fall in confusion about is HTML a programming language or not if you are in the same confusion then read this entire article here I am going to explain to you why HTML is not considered as a programming language?

So, is HTML a programming language? there were lots of confusion between people about is HTML a programming language or not, I want to state that Html is not any kind of programming language in fact according to the sources it is considered as a markup language. There are lots of other reasons are also there about why to not considered Html as a programming language, such as within HTML you could not find any characteristics of programming languages such as array defining, conditional statement, etc. These are some of the common reasons why Html is not considered a programming language.

In the below section I have discussed this topic in detail, so please read this entire article for detailed information.

Is Html a Programming Language or Not? (Some Facts)

In this section, I will discuss some of the facts, and based on those facts I will provide an opinion that is an Html programming language or not?

It is a Markup Language:

The number one reason why Html is not a programming language is that it is a markup language that is mainly used to design and develop the structures of websites.

HTML is made to organize content put it into a document that is displayed on the browser page. It is not used to do programming and therefore it has not the functionalities of the programming languages.

Well is not a programming language the value of HTML still very high.

HTML is a very necessary skill for developers because it is used for every website and web-based application and without HTML the basics of programming cannot be learned.

So if you want to become a programmer then you have to start learning Html.

Keywords and Functions:

Within any Programming language, you will notice some number of keywords and these are very special kind of keywords which are used to perform a specific task in a programming language.

In all the programming languages like C language, C ++ language, Java language, Python language you will observe several keywords. But within HTML there is not any kind of keyboards available. So based on this fact it can be said that Html is not a type of programming language.


Within a computer system algorithm is a kind of process or task through which specific problems of computers or logical problems can be solved.

And there is not any kind of algorithm used within the HTML language and therefore it is not considered as a programming language. For example, HTML is not used to ask anything to the computer instead of that it is used for the browser presentation and not used for the logical purpose and to ask any question.


Operators play such an important role while executing any code. Generally, operators are some symbols that are used to present or perform some process.

Operators play such an important role while executing any code. Generally, operators are some symbols that are used to present or perform some process.

These symbols are taken from mathematics and operators perform the tasks between two or more operands.

There is not any kind of operator is exists in the Html, and that is not the case within other programming languages. And therefore it is not considered a programing language.

Memory Space:

Consuming memory data is another essential feature of any programming language. And when we execute the one file at that point it consumes some amount of memory within your memory, especially in CPU.

And that is not the case with Html, it doesn’t consume any space within computer memory and therefore it doesn’t consider a programming language.

Structure of Language:

Whenever you want to define any programming language, you have to define it in a particular manner. First, you have to define the data type, variables, and then the actual code.

Within Html, there are no requirements to define these kinds of things like data types, variable and therefore it is not considered as a programming language.

In ConClusion:

Based on all the facts it is acceptable that HTML is not any programming language it is a markup language, having said that it is also considered that the value of HTML is a lot for web developers.

Because without the HTML, the structure of a web page and the formation layout of a webpage is almost impossible there for their developer or as a programmer HTML is the first language you have to learn.

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