What is CI term?

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  • The agent tried for three years to get into one gangster's dope house but never found a CI who could buy from the target.
  • Carter's daughter believes there may be a connection between her mother's career as a CI and the murder case.
  • Gomez sold 6 Ecstasy tablets to a CI who was wearing a wire.
  • "Most times a CI is a person that has been caught doing something illegal and law enforcement has struck a deal with them," he says.
  • all hell breaks loose idiom
  • amok
  • amuck
  • be like feeding time at the zoo idiom
  • confidential informant
  • corybantic
  • extravagance
  • intemperately
  • liberated
  • like mad idiom
  • madding
  • maniacal
  • spread like wildfire idiom
  • squirrelly
  • sth gone mad idiom
  • tearaway
  • unbridled
  • unruly
  • wig out
  • wigged out

Source: dictionary.cambridge.org

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