Excel LEN Function
Excel LEN Function

Which function calculate the number of characters in a string?

The Excel LEN function returns the length of a given text string as the number of characters. LEN will also count characters in numbers, but number formatting is not included.

Moving on from Excel VBA to another programming language - what to choose?

What programming language is similar to VBA?

C# and Visual Basic.Net are both Object Orientated Languages. C# syntax is very similar to Java. Python is a cross platform language and will run happily on windows, mac, linux machines.

VBA of Excel is the same as VBA of Access?

Is VBA for Excel the same as VBA for Access?

VBA itself is the same in both but the Object Models involved are very different since the programs are very different. In a position of having to define the differences between Excel and Access.

3 How Do I Export a Report to Microsoft Excel?
3 How Do I Export a Report to Microsoft Excel?

How do I export a report to Excel?

How to Export a Report to Microsoft Excel. From the Navigator menu, select Reports and Analytics. ... . From the Contents pane, navigate to the analysis that you want to export.. Click the analysis and select View.. Once the analysis is displayed, click the Export link and select Excel.

Open Reports from Microsoft Excel
Open Reports from Microsoft Excel

How do I open a report in Excel?

Open Reports from Microsoft Excel. In Microsoft Excel click Controller > Reports > Open Report .. Write the code of the report you want to open, or select the report from the drop down list.. The group and local name of the report is shown.. Choose OK or Cancel.

How to Create a Report in Excel: The PivotTable

Can Excel run a report?

Excel is a powerful reporting tool, providing options for both basic and advanced users. One of the easiest ways to create a report in Excel is by using the PivotTable feature, which allows you to sort, group, and summarize your data simply by dragging and dropping fields.

Export Data - Excel and CSV Downloads

How do I Download and export data?

Export Data - Excel and CSV Downloads. Select the Export option in the Manage Data drop down menu.. Under Raw Data Export, select Excel as the Output File Format.. Click on Download.

How to Change Multiple Pivot Table Fields in Excel

How do I change multiple field settings in a pivot table?

If you want to change multiple pivot table fields, you can change the function in the Value Fields Settings, just do the following steps: Step1: select one filed in your pivot table, and right click on it, and then choose Value Fields Settings from the dropdown menu list. And the Value Fields Settings dialog will open.

How to access field settings in a pivot table
How to access field settings in a pivot table

What are field setting in Excel?

Each field that you add to a Pivot Table has attributes that you can set in a dialog box called Field Settings. These attributes include things like the name of the field, the type of calculation used, layout options, and more.

locking text boxes in Excel

How do I lock a textbox in Excel VBA?

Right-click on your text box and choose "Format Text Box." On the Protection tab, make sure "Locked" is checked. Uncheck "Lock Text." Then on the Properties tab, select "Don't move or size with cells," and click ok.

How do I copy a drop-down list from a website to excel?
How do I copy a drop-down list from a website to excel?

How do I copy everything from a drop down list?

Hit ctrl f from windows or command f if you are on mac. search for the any of the option from drop down list. copy the whole block containing the drop down options and paste it on notepad or notepad or any other editor of your choice.

Analyzing Qualitative Data —

Can you code qualitative data in Excel?

You can use Excel to code and track themes in your qualitative data. You can create new themes and sub-themes in additional columns and clearly see what themes each participant's responses relate to.