NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP Lab

What are the two best use cases for NetApp cloud volumes ONTAP?

Use Cases. Block (iSCSI) and file (CIFS/NFS) storage services for enterprise cloud workloads.. Standardized data management across on-premises, colocated, and cloud environments.. Business continuity and disaster recovery.. Storage services for remote offices.. Distributed file cache.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure New feature - Block Volume Elastic Performance

What is OCI block volume performance?

The elastic performance feature of the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Block Volume service allows you to dynamically change the volume performance, along with enabling you to pay for the performance characteristics you require independently from the size of your block volumes and boot volumes.

Oracle cloud storage : Block Volume

What are the features of OCI block storage service?

OCI Block storage service provides you with the facility to group together multiple volumes in a volume group.. A volume group can include both types of volumes, boot volumes, which are the system disks for your Compute instances, and block volumes for your data storage.

Use cases | NetApp Cloud Volumes Service for

What are three use cases for NetApp cloud volumes service?

Cloud Volumes Service expedites the deployment of various cloud-based applications through the rapid provisioning of shared file services and a rich set of storage management features. The primary use cases include file services, analytics, DevOps, and databases.

10 Minutes to Deploying a Deep Learning Model on Google Cloud Platform

How do you deploy machine learning models for free?

How to deploy a Deep Learning model to GCP, entirely for free, forever. Sign in to Google Cloud and create an f1-micro instance on Compute Engine.. Pull the trained model from Github.. Add swap memory.. Serve model onto the web with Starlette.. Build the web app in a Docker container.. Run Docker container.

Types Of Cloud Environment - A Simple Overview (2021)

What is an environment in cloud computing?

Cloud environment is a very broad term that includes a collection of services offered to enterprises for enhancing their functionality and IT capacity. Specific characteristics of the cloud computing environment can be briefed as follows: On-demand self-service. Broad network access. Resource pooling and multi-tenancy.

Top Informatica Cloud (IICS) Interview questions
Top Informatica Cloud (IICS) Interview questions

What is dynamic linking in Iics?

What is Dynamic Linking? Informatica Cloud Data Integration allows you to create a new target files/tables at runtime. To use this feature in mappings, choose Create New at Runtime option in target and specify the name for the new target.


What is dynamic mapping task in Informatica Cloud?

dynamic mapping. task reduces the number of assets that you need to manage if you want to reuse a parameterized mapping. Instead of creating multiple mapping tasks, you can configure multiple jobs based on the same mapping in one task. Each job can have a different set of parameter values.

Create project components | Jira Work Management Cloud
Create project components | Jira Work Management Cloud

How do you write a project component?

Create project components. Navigate to your project and choose Project settings.. Choose Components in the sidebar and choose Create component.. Give the component a name.. Optionally, fill in the following values: Description - Describe the component so other can understand what it's used for. ... . Choose Save.

Insert the page properties macro | Confluence Cloud
Insert the page properties macro | Confluence Cloud

What are page properties in Confluence?

The Page Properties Report macro can only accept one page label, and one ID. See the Page Properties macro in action in How to document product requirements in Confluence. This powerful macro lets you create a summary page that pulls in information from multiple pages.

Server vs. Web Based (Cloud Based) Software

Whats the difference between web based or server based?

In the case of server based technology, the data is stored on in-house servers. The up-front cost of setting up such a system is significantly higher than a web based (cloud based) system. The home care provider will have to invest in servers, hardware, and software.

Disable certain fields in Field configuration (Jira Cloud)

How do I disable a field in Jira?

You can remove fields from the screen using the screen scheme, issue layout and removing the fields altogether. Try using the issue layout to hide them - Project Settings > Issue Layout. Jira includes global fields in all projects by default.